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     Formerly known as Twin$, 'ihatetwins' is an up and coming duo from New Haven, Connecticut. Known as Lamberton and 2ndbestfriend, the two brothers have been involved in music since a young age. They have done it all; from singing in the church choir, to playing instruments. 'ihatetwins' stars Lamberton and 2ndbestfriend grew a love for Hip-Hop music even though it was banned from their religious household. They secretly stayed in-tune with popular albums of their childhood, listening to acts like Will Smith, Lil Wayne, and more. They currently released their debut album called '808 pm'. The album only features the duo, as they aim to introduce their pop/melodic style that will get you addicted to their catchy hooks and melodies. 'ihatetwins' grew rapid popularity from their #pillowfightchallenge skit with Fatboy_SSE.

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