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2ndbestfriend is a Lo-Fi/Chillhop artist from a mysterious land.

He got his name from his rapid ability to connect well with people around him and make them feel as if they’ve known him for forever.














After quite a few near-death experiences, 2ndbestfriend has chosen to bring positivity and peaceful energy to your speakers. He has found self-healing through his music; all of his ideas and lyrics have come to him in his dreams. He feels that the world needs an option for people who just need to get away from stress, and just relax. 2ndbestfriend now passes his gift to you.











A letter from me,


Hi. I’m 2ndbestfriend and I admit that I have experienced some situations with my mental health over the last few years. Anxiety has been my biggest obstacle. Music has been my healing. My lyrics mainly come to me in my dreams, which has compelled me to express my gift to the world. Here’s what you’ll get from me:


Swears? None

Violence? None

Drama? None

Material References? None


Just good vibes, like a 2nd best friend :) I hope my music is making a difference for you! Let’s be friends :) I love reading your emails:


Other info: 1/2 of ihatetwins


Early Music Releases/ Crazy Never-Before-Heard Stories


Keeping up with your 2ndbestfriend

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