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2ndbestfriend “My very religious mom came across my album online. Her reaction was very shocking.”

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The day was March 1st, 2021. 2ndbestfriend’s debut album ‘The Vibrary’ has barely been out a week. He found himself gaining rapid recognition for his art-piece and then his phone rang. It was his mother on the line.

”I heard your album..” that was the first thing she said. There was a long pause after that.

”My mom, back in the day heard my brother listening to a Will Smith album. There was a song where he rapped about candy bars. My mom is so strict that she took the CD out of the CD player and threw it out the window. It probably is in the woods on the side of I-95 til this very day,” 2ndbestfriend laughs.

”I knew I wrote my album very clean with no bad messages... that’s the whole purpose of my brand. I was still hesitant to know her reaction because it’s my mom.”

Well, what was mom’s reaction?

”She told me she heard my first song (2010) and she paused the song mid-way. She started crying. She exclaimed that she felt my message and it really resonated with her. It’s ironic because I shed a tear when I wrote the song. She went on to thank me for making a clean friendly album that she could enjoy and show off to the world. I would’ve never thought she was going to even know how to find me, my persona, or my music online, but I am glad that she did. I’m glad that I didn’t let her down.”

2ndbestfriend’s mom enjoyed every song on the album. Let’s just be happy that he wrote Toodleoo in a very clever way.

The ihatetwins member has his debut album ‘The Vibrary‘ on all major platforms. Feel free to blast the album the next time you are at your mom‘s house. She might thank you.

Double-click the photo to listen to the song that made 2ndbestfriend’s mom cry [2010] on Spotify today. Be sure to keep tissues nearby.

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