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2ndbestfriend Stalked By Man With A Dress at New York Fashion Event

"The person followed me all the way to 125th St. I hopped on a train to Connecticut."

Fashion Week is one of the hottest weeks of the year for New York City. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are some of the biggest names to headline the week. ihatetwins duo, 2ndbestfriend and whoislamberton experienced a bizarre situation that they will never forget.

At a private venue held at Helen Mills Theatre in New York City, 2ndbestfriend was seen amongst Ryan Leslie, Deemo, and other industry-known names that have popped out for the event. "It was pretty cool," says 2ndbestfriend, "there were unlimited bottles of champagne, million dollar deals being made, and everyone was having a great time networking."

Little did 2ndbestfriend know, he was being followed and watched the entire time. "Stalkers are crazy, man. They are good at what they do, especially because you don't normally walk around expecting to be followed."

His stalker? A man who has found himself dressed in 3-inch heels, and a solid red gown.

"This person walked up to me at the event. The person was about 300 pounds, had a 5 o clock shadow, and long hair. I have the utmost respect for everyone and when I was approached, I handled the interaction the way every person should be handled. The person showed us pictures that they took with huge celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, Pitbull, and Safaree."

The unidentified person began to offer 2ndbestfriend a deal with MTV's 'Are you the One?' and also begged to act as his booking agent, promising 2ndbestfriend unmatched success.

"I was told all of the things that any artist would want to hear. I was offered major shows, major deals, interviews, you name it. I thought, hey... angels come in all shapes and sizes and who am I to turn down work?"

Little did he know, things were about to take a turn for the worst...

"The person clocked down a few drinks and started getting personal. I was shown a lot of graphic images of this person with male celebrities, which I will not name. Very graphic, bedroom type stuff. I couldn't believe how the whole conversation abruptly changed. I decided it was best for me to leave.

Where was whoislamberton during this whole thing, you ask?

"Lamb pretty much did one of those things where he went to grab his coat that he checked in at the door. He never came back. He never filled me in on the plan and ended up 3 blocks away in downtown Manhattan. It was hilarious but I was pretty tight cause I would've ran the play with him. It was a great plan, but sheesh how am I gonna get out of this situation, ya know?"

Things got even weirder from there...

"I ended the conversation and started networking with other people but this person kept following me, introducing themselves as my manager. It was messing up my vibe and my networking. Eventually, things got ALOT weirder when I was asked what I was going to be doing after the show, and where I would be staying. The person literally asked to take me into the back alley. I don't like throwing hands, especially with a person that is unidentified with their gender. I didn't want to look bad, and plus I am not that type of person. I came to the conclusion that I was going to pretend to use the bathroom and leave."

2ndbestfriend went to the bathroom to call whoislamberton, but the phone was going straight to voicemail. He waited in the bathroom for 10 minutes and then decided to make a race for the exit door. Little did he know, this person was waiting for him right outside the door, the whole time.

"This is when I started running out of the event, to find that this person was keeping up with me. This person had HEELS ON! HEELS! Gave me a run for my money. Imagine a 300 pound person with keeping up with a 200 pound man on the streets of New York, it was embarrassing, but funny when you look back at it."

2ndbestfriend started calling whoislamberton and eventually he picked up the phone. The person tried to link arms with 2ndbestfriend while on the streets of New York as he wasn't having any of it. "It was raining, and I had an umbrella. The person took off their heels and then tried to stand under the umbrella with me. I ended up letting the person keep it. I did not want it anymore."

The duo was followed all the way to 125th St. in Harlem, where they caught the MTA (train) to Connecticut.

"Maaan I went into hyperdrive and ran full speed for the train to Connecticut. I remember this homeless guy asking for money. I had a granola bar in my back pocket that was all squished and I threw it at him and kept running. I caught the train and off to Connecticut I went! People are crazy out here, man. I mean, what was I supposed to do? If that happens again, I don't think I will be as passive next time."

It's a crazy memory for now, but stalking is no joke and not to be taken lightly. Let's just be thankful that things didn't turn out much worse for the Lofi / Chillhop star.

2ndbestfriend just released his debut album, The Vibrary, across all major platforms. It can be streamed by clicking the image below. You may view the video footage of his scary night below as well.

Be sure to subscribe and follow 2ndbestfriend on Spotify for more exclusive content.

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Mar 01, 2021

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