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whoislamberton disses brother 2ndbestfriend, father on debut 808pm album: “I heard it in real time.”

The year was 2018. ihatetwins duo whoislamberton and 2ndbestfriend were writing their debut album 808pm. A long night was soon to follow, as the musical artists had to wait for A$AP crew to finish hosting their album release party at a New York studio so they {ihatetwins} can finally complete their project.

”We were putting in work,“ exclaimed 2ndbestfriend, ”When we record, we don’t play around. It’s a vibe but we go there to work. We don’t go there to mess around.”

ihatetwins just got done recording their most popular single off the album , ‘Life’. They were ready to complete a handful of songs before they left the studio and then that’s when the fun really began.

”I recorded one of my favorite songs, I see ICY. It’s a song where my lyrics have two meanings, depending if you think I’m saying i see or icy. The lyrics are completely different depending on your perception. It is a creative track.”

2ndbestfriend started to nod off after a few hours of being in the studio until he heard a lyric from whoislamberton...

”I woke up immediately when I heard the lyrics. To keep things fun, we don’t reveal each other’s lyrics until real time. It’s more like a competition in the booth. It keeps us entertained and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not gonna get into what was said cause the world is funny nowadays. Y’all are just going to have to play it yourselves to hear it. Just know that my dad likes his money.” 2ndbestfriend chuckled

As far as the 2ndbestfriend diss...

”It’s not everyday you get dissed on your own album, on your own song, by your bro, while you are on great terms, just for the sake of it. That was CRAZY! I thought it was very creative and like that theirs no barriers. I think that in the end, those limitless approaches will only further our brand.”

As far as what song 2ndbestfriend was dissed on??

”He didn’t call me out by name, so I’m good,” he laughs ,”I’m not going to reveal the song or the lyric. Nice try. I‘m going to keep this one in-house. My eyes got so wide when I heard it.”

Well... maybe we will find out in the next life.

You can listen to ihatetwin’s debut album on Spotify (available on all major platforms) by clicking the picture below:

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